Erwin pottery

Phyllis Erwin was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and lived in Toronto, Ontario from 1956–1995 before she moved 100km east to Cobourg, Ontario.

She studied Interior Design at the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg) and later transferred to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Fine Arts Department where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in design.

Other studies included a summer school painting course at the Banff School of Fine Arts (Banff, Alberta), drawing courses at the Artists’ Workshop (Toronto) under John Gould, clay workshops in Toronto with visiting ceramic artists such as Kimpei Nishimura (Tokyo, Japan), Ruth Duckworth (Chicago, Illinois), Paul Soldner (Colorado), Merton Chambers, Bob Bozack, and Jack Sures.

Phyllis' clay vessels are hand built using slabs and coils, then coated with terra sygillata, burnished, and smoke-fired in wood shavings.

She currently exhibits work at the Northumberland Art Gallery shop (Cobourg, Ontario) and the Winnipeg Art Gallery shop (Winnipeg, Manitoba).


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